The Purpose of this Blog

Why We Write
Something has been happening lately that is hurting our quality of life.

Technology was supposed to simplify our lives…give us the tools to do more with less. In most cases it has done just the opposite. We end up having more to do and we have more disparate tools with which to do them with.

While it may have achieved some of its promise in the rare cases of well designed products like the iPod, technology has done more to challenge us by forcing us to take on more responsibility and more stuff. And in the great race to get to market first with the most features, technologists have foisted upon us so many devices and tools that are so sophisticated that they only contribute more complexity to our lives.

At the end of the day, people don’t care about features, they care about benefits.
The fact is, people want to get things done quickly and efficiently and they want their devices to do the things they are supposed to do simply and easily. Consumers want their tools to do the heavy lifting so they can do the heavy thinking. People want to know how to use something by how it looks and how it feels in their hands. The reason for this is simple. People want and need to be productive to maintain their esteem and to live meaningful lives.

So we are now in the next stage of the technology ‘evolution curve’ where consumers will demand 5 page user manuals and remotes with only 6 buttons. And good technologists will carry the obligation of helping us take back our lives and help us simplify them with the responsible application of design and technology.

Much of this transformation is occurring on the web in what some have called the “Web 2.0”. Like the term or not, Web 2.0 applications are simpler and lighter than the enterprise applications on the market today and they are helping to push developers into thinking about new ways to design more intuitive software. This kind of thinking must continue because to date, technology has F-ed up our lives by giving us operating systems that crash and lose hours of work, PDAs that have 35 features we don’t use and that sap our batteries, and remote controls with more buttons than the alphabet has letters.

Luckily for us, we live in an era when all that will change.
We now stand at the beginning of a new movement in the use and application of technology. One that uses technology to make our lives more simple and more productive. A world where technology works in the background and user interfaces are designed by humans for humans that don’t know java script.

We seek to keep our eye on good design, good products, and the good companies that help us become more productive and lead more meaningful and fulfilled lives. We hope you will help us observe and encourage this new reality. We can help create this world by gathering together and demanding better design and better thought out products and voting for them with our minds and dollars.


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