Fake lines at the Apple store: Any one want action on a Jobs kibosh?

Wow. If I were a brand manager at Apple, I would not be happy. Seems Orange is paying people to wait in line at their stores to generate false interest in the iPhone.

Jobs & Co will likely respond.  Non-genuine behavior is antithetical to the Apple brand and damages its authenticity. Apple doesn’t have to fake it. If Orange is suffering from lack of demand, it might be that they are overcharging for the wireless plans and people already know about it?


Quick App Review: Evernote

I have officially solved my digital notebook issue.

The need for the notebook comes from the need for a repository for the myriad of details that collect each day that don’t warrant a separate doc, but still have value to later projects or later recall.

I was looking for a solution that would sync among all my devices, provide backup, and to leverage search and tagging so finding the information in the piles of notes was easier.

Prior to trying Evernote, I used a great and flexible app called Mori. Mori is a great app but it lacks the backup and sync functions and has no application for the iPhone. I made the switch because I got tired of syncing up the latest notebook to my other machines.

I have been using Evernote for a few months and it delivers on its promise to help out your short term memory. With the complexities of a small and growing business and a recent marriage, there is a lot of non-document information that needs to be captured, stored and classified for later retrieval. Evernote allows me to do this and access this information intuitively and from any device.

The UI is very simple and intuitive and it allows for simple capture of notes via email, web clipping or photos. The app also allows you to search images for words so that you can identify search returns in your images. An example use case is taking a photo of a wine label, sending it to Evernote, then searching your notebook to have it call up a picture ot the label for a later purchase.

So far the app is a winner with me and I highly recommend registering for the beta and giving it a try. Its fast, flexible and works well on Mac, PC, iPhone and Winmo.

Any other Evernote users out there with some thoughts?

So Microsoft AND Seinfeld have officially jumped the shark??

From the journal:  Microsoft Enlists Jerry Seinfeld In Its Ad Battle Against Apple

Perhaps the Bee Movie didn’t do too well and old Jerry’s trying to remain relevant. Don’t get me wrong, I am a big fan of his show…years of laughter from him, George and Kramer.

But this reeks a bit of desperation from both sides.. I hope they pull this off well for both their sake. Granted I am an Apple guy, so I am biased, but if this campaign comes off as defensive or in any way campy, both Seinfeld and MSFT will be the brunt of jokes for years to come.

Having said all that, I am glad MSFT has stepped up to defend Vista, as I believe its their best effort yet and I use it weekly when I have to use a windows box…they have finally paid some attention to design and its paying off, albeit slowly. Further, MSFT should step up and defend themselves, they have built some very good products over the years, though many may not agree with their design approach.

Any Seinfeld or MSFT fans disagree?

How to make the most out of the user generated content conversation

Engage in the conversation as EA did when a glitch was discovered in their software. Brilliant rebuttal and a great reputation and character builder their brand. Enjoy.

Wifi in the air… Good or Bad?



My first thought about this article about American Airllines wifi-enabled planes was: “Cool”

But now I have second thoughts.

I usually go cross country once or twice a quarter and I get A LOT done in a cramped, quiet environment. What I believe makes me productive on these trips is the lack of distractions and the resulting ability to focus on pressing matters without IM, emails or phones interrupting my thought processes.

While wifi will be very convenient, it will add the same quick fix to the “connectivity addiction” that I have here on earth. “Just saying no” is an option, but like anything other human proclivity, if its there, you buy it because you can.

I will say from the perspective of the airlines this is the first real product that they can charge for without looking like greedy bastards. But the funny thing this wifi thing has other adjacent revenue streams… once  wifi is enabled, there will be high demand for the power outlets which I am sure they will start charging for as well.

Time will tell how much it ends up costing us in dollars and productivity.

What do you all think? Is this a good or bad thing?

A test post from iphone

So this is a post from on the road. (And a great example why the iPhone will win as a plaftorm for developers)

Nice Social media Illustration

This is a really nice illustration of how social media changes the economics of media production and consumption. Plus its about ice cream too.