So Microsoft AND Seinfeld have officially jumped the shark??

From the journal:  Microsoft Enlists Jerry Seinfeld In Its Ad Battle Against Apple

Perhaps the Bee Movie didn’t do too well and old Jerry’s trying to remain relevant. Don’t get me wrong, I am a big fan of his show…years of laughter from him, George and Kramer.

But this reeks a bit of desperation from both sides.. I hope they pull this off well for both their sake. Granted I am an Apple guy, so I am biased, but if this campaign comes off as defensive or in any way campy, both Seinfeld and MSFT will be the brunt of jokes for years to come.

Having said all that, I am glad MSFT has stepped up to defend Vista, as I believe its their best effort yet and I use it weekly when I have to use a windows box…they have finally paid some attention to design and its paying off, albeit slowly. Further, MSFT should step up and defend themselves, they have built some very good products over the years, though many may not agree with their design approach.

Any Seinfeld or MSFT fans disagree?


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