Wifi in the air… Good or Bad?



My first thought about this article about American Airllines wifi-enabled planes was: “Cool”

But now I have second thoughts.

I usually go cross country once or twice a quarter and I get A LOT done in a cramped, quiet environment. What I believe makes me productive on these trips is the lack of distractions and the resulting ability to focus on pressing matters without IM, emails or phones interrupting my thought processes.

While wifi will be very convenient, it will add the same quick fix to the “connectivity addiction” that I have here on earth. “Just saying no” is an option, but like anything other human proclivity, if its there, you buy it because you can.

I will say from the perspective of the airlines this is the first real product that they can charge for without looking like greedy bastards. But the funny thing this wifi thing has other adjacent revenue streams… once  wifi is enabled, there will be high demand for the power outlets which I am sure they will start charging for as well.

Time will tell how much it ends up costing us in dollars and productivity.

What do you all think? Is this a good or bad thing?


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