2008 Predictions

  1. Design and user experience will continue thier progression to the front of the classroom when the lecture turns to technology adoption and digital lifestyles. Apple will reap the rewards from this trend due to its product-centric design principles.
  2. “Meta” Social networks such as Facebook and MySpace will lose popularity as other more focused niche social networks come to market that specifically address the needs of thier users.
  3. As the recssion hits, more marketers will push more of thier budget into measureable online media at the expense of radio, print and TV. The trend will be toward more revshare and CPA marketing and less brand advertising.
  4. Marketers will adjust thier budgets to more accurately capture the 20% of user time spent on online media (today ~7.5% of thier budgets are allocated to online media). The gap will close even more rapidly in ’09.
  5. The volume of content uploaded to the web will create a Faustian Bargain…users will have a more difficlt time finding relevant content and seek solutions to help them filter through the crap.
  6. More of the mainstream web userbase will earn revenue from thier activities on the web and realize the financial benefit of contributing to the conversation.
  7. Google will make more money. Steve Balmer will get angry again.
  8. HBO’s Flight of the Conchords will redeem thier poor season finale episode with an all star performance of the Rolling Stone’s smash hit Monkey Man

This post originally appeared here.


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