Quality content on the web gets MORE viewers, or why HBO should sell shows in itunes

HBO’s Flight of the Conchords is a hilarious and clever show that hasn’t gotten the broad appeal it deserves. Its recently been released on the web (see below for my favorite episode) on Veoh. My guess is that this will be similar to what happened to 30 Rock and other shows that were rescued by the amount of downloads and popularity they received when people could watch them on their own terms (download from iTunes). Based on the popularity of these shows (# of downloads), their publishers decided to keep them on the air longer, which allowed them to gain the traction they deserved.

My prediction is that now that people have broader exposure to this show, it will become more popular.

Now I wish that HBO would hurry up and put all their shows on iTunes so I could watch them without an HBO subscription. They are a content company, so it makes sense for them to distribute their content in as many venues/channels as possible. This would allow them to get closer to their customer and have a direct relationship with them (and eventually be able to be in a stronger bargaining position with the cable companies). See the episode below:

Flight of the Conchords: episode 3


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