Smartphone Mashup Update 4 — B2B (Back to Blackberry)


I have come full circle back to what works. I just bought the Blackberry 8703e on the Verizon network. The reason for the purchase is this: the Palm 700p is half-baked. While I love the tethering feature (the 8703e has it, too), it wasn’t enough to get past the cludgy Palm OS. There are simply too many clicks to get around the device to do the basic things. Also, the battery life on the phone when you use the VZW push is MISERABLE. In the absence of a true push solution for non-enterprise user, this phone doesnt cut it fif you are a heavy email user.

It is worth noting that I have yet to find anything that compares to the Blackberry in terms of battery life and the ability to deliver true push mail. While I was initially suckered in by Palms pretty colors and multiple (and as I learned superfluous) media applications, the usabilty was too counter-intuitive. Even though many knock the BB for its utilitarian UI, you’ll miss them when you move to another OS.

One caveat to this switch is the current lack of support for Mac sync. I have been working with the folks at Pocketmac to try and get the issues worked out. It seems that either RIM or VZW have installed something fishy that prevents the 8703e from being mounted and read on a Mac desktop. I’ll keep you up to date on progress. Despite the current lack of Mac sync (I had to sync with my windows machine), the 8703e surpasses anything I have used to date. You get the call quality of VZW and the rock-solid Blackberry email and ease of use.

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