Smartphone Mashup part 3 — Palm Treo 700p Reviewed


OK, I have to say that so far this phone seems to do it all. It has great voice (prolly because I switched to Verizon) and the Palm OS so far has shown me quite a lot in terms of its ability to manage all the crap I need to manage (mail, contacts, web and calendar).

The only shortcoming I have seen so far is that the device sucks a lot of battery power when its set to recieve push mail. The side benefit to this is that I realized that I dont need all my mail pushed to me all the time, as I am at my computer for 70% of the day, so getting all that mail on my old blackberry 8700 was redundant and annoying because I had to delete it all (I am a big believer in the empty inbox). As travel becomes more prevalent, we will see how this issue impacts my thoughts.
Another HUGE benefit is the ability to use this phone as a broadband modem for my laptop (MacBookPro) via bluetooth. I can’t tell you how many times I have used this feature in the last three weeks. Kudos to Palm for making sure Verizon didnt disable this feature!

Ill update as events warrant. So far so good…

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