Smartphone Mashup Update 2 – Moto Q does NOT deliver

Moto Q

Sad as it it the Moto Q is a total flop. The mail software that ships with win mob 5 is a piece of crap. Bear in mind I am NOT an enterprise user and I pop several emails. The guys at Motorola designed a SWEET device, however the Microsoft OS just ruins the experience. In particular:

  • Mail is a huge kludge: Sucks battery life and takes WAY to much time to pop. POPs inconsistently.
  • Screen use is horrible: whoever designed the information delivery screens on this device was wearing coke-bottle glasses. The blackberry’s (inelegant but highly useful) font and size adjustments let the user decide look and feel, rather than Windows deciding. If this device had the blackberry software I would DEFINITELY recommend it.
  • Windows software is WAY too complex and cumbersome. The 80-20 rule would be useful to Redmond. Most users only care about calendar, address book, mail and the browser (and maybe Google local and Google talk). Clear the rest of that crap off the phone or give me the option of hiding it all. Make it simpler and easier to use. Again with the BB OS this thing would be a real winner because it is BY FAR the best voice quality I have ever heard in a QWERTY Smartphone.

Recommendation: if you are a heavy mail user and you are used to the Blackberry, don’t waste your money. Wait until Moto wisens up and builds a RIM version. I have also heard a rumor that VZN will release an 8700 for the verizon network sometime this summer–you might wait for that.

I will be demoing the Palm 700p later this week (VZN). more on that as events warrant.

The quest continues…

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