Late breaking News! More web based AJAX Calendars!

There are more online calendars hitting the market these days. I just read on TechCrunch about a few more AJAX based clandars that don’t sem to be doing anything that new. I must admit, this new gen of calendars have some pretty slick and desktop-like features. It seems like most of these are after ad revenue, as most are being offered free right now. I have yet to discover one that appears to have a different business model behind it, other than Trumba, which seems to be quite idle these days.
I guess I am not convinced yet that these web based calendars will be that useful alone until the RSS standard is accepted for all calendars. Once this RSS standard is broadly accepted, then the calendar app people use will be somewhat akin to a calendar reader. This is the holy grail that will free us  from heavy desktop client apps once and for all.
Some of the noteables on the list: 

The TechCrunch article: 


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